It's a Matter of Trust

Data from the U.S. Census Bureau and financial industry surveys indicate the generation of Americans born between 1946 and 1964 — the baby boomers — will control up to $19 trillion in assets from inheritances and other sources of wealth by 2012. Attorneys, CPAs and other professionals increasingly will need to refer individuals seeking wealth management and trust services to professional fiduciaries. Following are a few good reasons to select a professional fiduciary:

Expertise Legal and Regulatory Oversight
Wealth management and trust administration are complicated and intimidating to anyone lacking the necessary time, training and experience. Professional fiduciaries are experts with unique insights into these complex issues. They are skilled specialists committed to excellence in their field. Instead of relying on a novice for matters of such importance, select and depend on a professional. State and federal laws impacting asset growth and protection are complex and constantly evolving. The new Uniform Prudent Investor and Principal & Income Acts are examples of changes requiring significant attention. Professional fiduciaries have the capacity and vigilance to monitor even the most complicated developments and requirements, maximizing benefits and minimizing risks for clients.
Trusted Advisors Accounting and Reporting
When entrusting the management of assets to a fiduciary, it is important to know you will be guided by sound advice from qualified and experienced professionals. This is accomplished through building long-term relationships and earning confidence. Itís a matter of attention, advice and value. Itís a matter of trust. No detail is too small for a professional fiduciary. Clients can expect full-time attention, administrative detail, regular reports and timely responses to related inquiries. Due to their professional and technical support, professional fiduciaries offer a level of accounting and reporting others simply cannot provide.
Objectivity Sound Investments
Family interests sometimes present conflict. An impartial professional fiduciary can objectively work through issues, minimizing or even eliminating potential conflicts. Professional fiduciaries proceed on facts and laws, not emotions, to deliver quality, unbiased performance. Professional fiduciaries offer a consistent record of investment performance and a history of quality. They operate within a framework of clearly defined goals and objectives and apply a discipline that results in a proven track record.
Stability Value
When you need confidence for the long haul, a professional fiduciary is your best option. Individuals may move, change their minds, die or become mired in other priorities. You can count on professional fiduciaries to be focused on their jobs today and into the future. Professional fiduciaries provide services at competitive rates. Choosing a trusted advisor is not the time to bargain shop. Instead, clients should assess the combined cost of unbundled products, services and fees to understand the true value of a professional fiduciary.
Diverse Products and Services Personalized Service
Professional fiduciaries offer a diverse menu of services designed to build, preserve and transfer wealth. These services include trusts, investment management, income and principal distribution, custodial services, financial, business, retirement, charitable and estate planning, tax decisions and agent services — all conveniently from one provider! Professional fiduciaries realize a one-size fits all approach cannot meet every individualís needs. Professionals know how to ask the right questions and how to listen. The result: Customized solutions tailored to clientsí unique needs and circumstances.
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